Your artwork will be used to identify and measure the structure of cells & organelles for research. All the colors you select for these images helps in our search of quantitative data which gives a better understanding of how cells work and what goes wrong to create disease. Scroll down to read the instructions and download the images.

Start coloring & make it viral! Scroll down

Start coloring & make it viral!

  1. Take a photo from the colored cell image

    Rembember to include all four corners of the image with crop marks (view a sample)

  2. Upload it on the gallery and help the research!

    Supported formats: .jpg, .png. Image size needs to be less than 8MB

  3. Share it with your friends

    Use hashtags #color4cancer #nanoQuill

Be creative

Note that we actually do not need you to follow strict rules (like “color all nuclei blue”). When we receive the artwork back, it will be analyzed and combined with many results of your fellow nanoQuill artists. You will be able to see those results and follow our collective progress here on the website!

Already colored a picture? Upload it from here

Images to download Scroll down

Images to download