Fight Cancer with Art

We are dedicated to contributing to research to fight cancer. The goal of the nanoQuill project is to collect as many colored images as possible to generate research data, not profit. The cost of the book is covering printing and distribution and we encourage you to make copies for anyone who would like to contribute to the effort. You can also download more pictures from our website.

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From Art to Science

Art therapy is key to cancer centers worldwide and assists with emotional, physical healing and growth for its patients. nanoQuill goes a step further in using your ability to color cancer images to advance cancer research: We will be able to measure the cell's detail, render 3D images from all the 2D images that you color, and ultimately train new deep learning algorithms, all to benefit cancer research.

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Become a nanoQuill artist

Your artwork will be used to identify and measure the structure of cells and organelles for research. Upload your picture to help us get one step closer to understanding how to fight cancer.

Image of the week by Colleen
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Help Spread the Word!

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We invite you to join our nanoQ tribe and “artistically unwind” by coloring one or more of these images to transform the stigma of the disease into something beautiful.
Thank you for taking the time to #color4cancer.